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    Using SCH request type in Docupresentment

      A protip on using the SCH ("search archive") request type with Docupresentment:

      When running a SCH request, by default the system returns a set of fields about each archive record matching your search pattern. If you want to include additional fields, do the following:

      1) Make sure those fields are defined in your APPIDX.DFD
      2) Your request to Docupresentment should include this attachment variable which is a comma-delimited list of the fields (as defined in the APPIDX.DFD) that you want to query on or return.


      3) In order to return the field you have to query it (even though you may not want to) so include this as well:

      fieldName =



      4) Include this property as well - it's needed to enable returning of the empty field you're querying.


      5) And finally, this is the crucial bit: in your APPIDX.DFD, you must not have any fields defined with CHAR_ARRAY_NO_NULL_TERM. If you have this defined for any of the fields you wish to use in #2, then you must change them to CHAR_ARRAY. Example:

      < FIELD:TransactionType >
      INT_LENGTH = 7
      EXT_LENGTH = 7
      KEY = N
      REQUIRED = Y

      Failure to do so will likely result in you receiving a DPR0009 when running your SCH request.