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    TSAM 10g  does not see my Tuxedo 10g  and tmadmin has no TSAM commands

      Hi all

      I am very new to Tuxedo I have to create a monitoring infrastructure for a complex Tuxedo application. This is still on Tuxedo 10g.

      What I have done so far:
      I have installed TSAM 10g on the same host and I want to test what TSAM does offer us w.r.t. monitoring. TSAM Manager is running on local Tomcat with a Oracle database backend.
      I have configured the TSAM Manager WAR with the JDBC++ options
      I have updted the UBBCONFIG, reloaded it and restarted the Tuxedo domain.

      Now I have two problems:
      1) I cannot see anything in the TSAM web frontend. I thought that the LMS part will publish at least the domain and its config into TSAM but the TSAM web-ui is empty (no Tuxedo domain).
      A quick internet check told me that I have to configure the monitoring with TMMONITOR or tmadmin tool.

      2) This leads me to the second problem. Different webpages (e.g. Oracle docu) talk about the tmadmin commands like chmo.

      xxxx> tmadmin
      tmadmin - Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Oracle.
      Portions * Copyright 1986-1997 RSA Data Security, Inc.
      All Rights Reserved.
      Distributed under license by Oracle.
      Tuxedo is a registered trademark.
      TMADMIN_CAT:111: ERROR: No such command.

      None of the tsam commands mentioned in the webpages are available in my tmadmin tool.

      Could somebody please explain me why ?

      UBBCONFIG (partly):


      CLOPT="-A -- -l xyz.abc.com:8080/tsam/dataserver"

      How can I verify that LMS is running ?
      the other servers in the UBBCONFIG can be found using "ps", LMS is not shown in the "ps" list

      Thanks a lot
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          Todd Little-Oracle
          Hi Martin,

          Did you install TSAM agent as well as TSAM manager? Also, to see why LMS isn't running, check your ULOG.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect
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            Hi Todd

            Thanks for your reply. I have done the installation again to verify the installation.

            Actually this - tsam11_32_sol_9_sp.bin - is the only installer I can find on edelivery.oracle.com

            And now I can see it (sorry I haven't seen it earlier) that this is just the manager. Where can I find the full installer or the agent installer for tsam 10g on solaris ?
            As described on : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13161_01/tsam/docs10gr3/install/instcon.html I thought that the full tsam has been installed but - as you thought -
            I have only installed the manager.

            So where can I find the full (or agent) installer for Tuxedo 10g on Solaris ?


            xxxx> ./tsam11_32_sol_9_sp.bin -i console
            Preparing to install...
            Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...
            Unpacking the JRE...
            Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...
            Configuring the installer for this system's environment...

            Launching installer...

            Preparing CONSOLE Mode Installation...

            TSAM Console 1.1 (created with InstallAnywhere by Macrovision)


            InstallAnywhere will guide you through the installation of

            TSAM 1.1 for Tuxedo.

            This is the TSAM Manager component installer.

            TSAM agent is an integral component of the Tuxedo core installation. You must
            ensure that the TSAM Agent component is properly configured on each node to be
            monitored in order to use in conjunction with the TSAM Manager.

            Note: TSAM Agent is distributed as a rolling patch for Tuxedo releases prior to

            It is strongly recommended that you quit all programs before continuing with
            this installation.

            Respond to each prompt to proceed to the next step in the installation. If you
            want to change something on a previous step, type 'back'.

            You may cancel this installation by typing 'quit'.

            WARNING: Cancelling during the "Post-Installation Step" will not rollback the
            files already copied to your machine.
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              Hi Todd

              As Tuxedo comes as part of our vendor application I have done some additional tests with interesting results.

              1) Installing Tuxedo 10.0 (solaris 32bit) => this will install the LMS binary
              2) Installing Tuxedo 10R3 (10.3.0) (solaris 64bit SPARC) => this will NOT(!) install the LMS binary
              3) --> I could not find anywhere (neither oracle.com, nor edelivery.oracle.com nor somewhere else ) an installation package for Tuxedo 10R3-Solaris 32bit SPARC so that I could not test this one.

              So 10R3 does not come with the LMS binary, therefore again my question: where can I find an installer in order to install it. I need it for Tuxedo 10R3, solaris SPARC 32bit

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                Todd Little-Oracle
                Hi Martin,

                Tuxedo 10gR3 does not include the TSAM agent (unlike Tuxedo 10, and 11gR1). You need to install the TSAM 10gR3 agent with the TSAM 10gR3 installer, which I believe you have to get from Oracle Customer Support, although I'm not certain of that.

                Todd Little
                Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect