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    Prompt for ctrl-alt-delete

      I have created a new test pool using the template currently used for my production desktops. When first logging on to the new test desktop I get a prompt to 'Press ctrl-alt-delete to logon'. If I do that I get the welcome screen and my credentials are automatically passed through and I do not need to enter a user name or password.
      This leads me to believe my 'Auto-Logon' settings are correct but how can I get rid of the ctrl-alt-delete prompt? I don't see this in my other pools using the same desktop template.
      Thanks for your help
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          Hello, 958676,
          As I can see you are using Windows as your virtual operating system. For all Windows(es) there is a simple way to resolve this problem. You will just need to open "Run" after login and write there: control userpasswords2*
          Then you will see a window, choose advanced and untick ctrl/alt/delete. But I think that you can't do that on your net; it will work on only one workstation.
          I know yhat on Linux systems this combination affects system reboot without login so I guess you don't need that.
          If you have any question, ask.
          Kirill Babeyev
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            I have a GPO that applies to the OU where the virtual desktops get created that disables the ctrl-alt-delete for interactive logons. Works in the other pools but not in the new one I have created. I have inherited the environment so trying to reverse engineer what is actually doing what.
            Thanks for your reply
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              Hi, 958676 ,
              To make a conclusion I will need some files from you.
              You could put your question in the 'question me' block on my blog.
              It would be easier for me to work with you.
              See you.
              Kirill Babeyev
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                Turned out to be a timing issue. My GPO settings were correct but not sure why it took so long kick in.
                Thanks for offering to help.