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    Generate public names for intermediate values?

    Paul Fowler
      I am attempting to remember but I can't find the reference.

      For setting up the properties file for web services, is there a need to have public names for intermediate attributes or for the conclusions? (I remember that the answer is yes... and that would make sense.)

      If the answer is yes, then is there a trick to generate public names for all attributes and not just the base level? (I think the answer is no.)

      If my memory is correct, can someone explain the logic behind not providing a checkbox to generate all attributes?

      Thank you
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          Ben Rogers
          Hi Paul,

          I don't think you necessary have to add public names for all intermediates; the ODS compatibility check when you build in OPM only looks for public names for top-level and base-level attributes.

          However here in Sweden we made a decision to give every attribute (base, intermediate and top) public names, because the integration and test teams may want to check the value of any rule using ODS. It's really useful for unit testing in OPM and for test outcomes etc - even when the attribute text changes, we haven't got to update the test script since the public name is there and has stayed the same... It also makes our final Decision Report and generally other OPM reports easier to follow.

          I know that some projects don't want to do this as they see it as more maintenance but we've got a useful naming convention here and the benefits of having intermediate public names have outweighed the small effort required to keep them up to date.

          I don't think there is a quick way of automatically generating intermediate public names unfortunately...we just added them bit by bit from the start of the project. If you have literally 1000s to add it may be quicker to add them in a property file by generating the XML yourself. I like using Excel to build a properties file when I have a mass update or addition to do.

          Hope this helps! Id be interested in other ways to add all intermediates if others have them!

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            Paul Fowler

            That is how I remember it. I am just trying to "dust off the cobwebs"

            I would love an option from OPA to generate public names for intermediate values. A simple checkbox that we can use to expand the generation of public names to intermediate values.

            Generally we would like this for the same reasons. I expect a lot of customers have the same reasons.