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    Windows 2008 DNS & DHCP configuration steps for 11gR2 GI install with GNS


      I have windows 2008 R2 server with DNS & DHCP services installed. I am planning to install 2 node RAC with GNS option.
      The problem is i could not find any document to setup the windows 2008 DNS server for the below steps.

      a. Configure GNS VIP : add a name resolution entry in a DNS for the GNS virtual IP address in the forward Lookup file.
      gns-server IN A <virtual_IP>
      where gns-server is the GNS virtual IP address given during grid installation.

      b. Configure the GNS sub-domain delegation: add an entry in the DNS to establish DNS Lookup that directs the DNS resolution of a GNS subdomain to the cluster.
      clusterdomain.example.com. NS gns-server.example.com.
      where clusterdomain.example.com is the GNS subdomain (provided during grid installation) that you
      delegate and gns-server.clustername.com resolves to GNS virtual IP address.

      I am aware that this configuration steps has to be taken care by the System administrator. Here is what he tried and the results.

      My SA was able to Configure GNS VIP in the DNS and the Nslookup works fine for this.
      When he Configures the GNS sub-domain delegation the nslookup fails when trying to resolve the SCAN name.

      Any step by step tutorial for this windows 2008 DNS & DHCP configuration for Oracle GNS setup would be highly appreciated.

      Ashok Kumar.G