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    Is the C++ Call Interface (OCCI) free to use?


      We are a backup ISV that provides offsite backup services and wanted to use the C++ Call Interface (OCCI) to allow for an automatic backup of an Oracle DB within our own backup application.

      Does anyone know if the C++ Call Interface (OCCI) API is free to use or do we need to purchase a license for it when using it in a commercial application?

      Ps- I've been trying to call my Oracle Rep, reviewing their EULA and calling Oracle sales and can't get a straight answer.

      Thanks in advance
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          jim dc
          I am not a lawyer, but to my mind it is free for you to develop your product with OCCI.
          You would use the OTN license to devlop your app: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/licenses/standard-license-152015.html
          Its the end user's who would pay the license fees for Oracle.

          By the way, most people who know Oracle would not be too keen on a data backup via an API like OCCI - they would normal Oracle backup procedures e.g. via RMAN, which allows recovery to any point in time.