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    Java Plugin does not recognize the classpath definition on Java 1.7

      I'm trying to execute an applet on Internet Explorer (6.0) and Windows XP and Java 1.7 plugin (classic plugin. The next generation is not an option at this moment).

      I have executed the same applet using Java 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 without any issue, except some minor issues related with changes on the way that the classpath is defined and the plugin interface.

      But, when I defined the classpath on the Java 1.7 Plugin Control Panel (Java Tab / View Button / Runtime Parameters Field) it looks like the classpath is ignored. I'm using exactly the same syntax used on Java 1.6 which worked perfectly (-classpath=<Full Qualified Path to jar file>), but I have also with other variants documented on the web:
      -classpath <Full Qualified Path to jar file>
      -cp=<Full Qualified Path to jar file>
      -cp <Full Qualified Path to jar file>

      There are some workarounds published suggesting to move the jar file to the EXT folder but it is the last option currently.

      Do you know if it is possible to define the Java Plugin Classpath for Java 1.7 Classic Plugin?
      Windows XP Pro
      Oracle JSDK 7 1.7.0_07
      Internet Explorer 6

      Thanks on advance

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