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    Customize calendar component


      I have successfully implemented a calendar component, but I would like to customize how the items are displayed.

      All items are basically 'allday' events. I have created a transient attribute in my VO that has its default value set to 'ALLDAY' and that is set to the Time Type in the "Calendar Activities" binding settings. I have the Start Time and End Time for the Calendar Activities set to the same VO attribute which is a DATE data type. All of the activities show up at 12:00am for their appropriate date and pile up on top of each other.

      What I would like to do is display the activities as 1-2 line 'blocks' during the day. There isn't a particular time associated with the activities, so they would just need to stack on top of each other like building blocks.

      I would also like to remove the "12:00" that is displayed on the text for each of the activities.

      Here is a screenshot of what I did in PHP that I would like to duplicate in ADF: [http://tinyurl.com/8puu5f8]

      Is it possible to do this much customization to the ADF calendar component? Any ideas about where I would need to start to do this level of customization?

      Thanks in advance...