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    FND_REQUEST.WAIT_FOR_REQUEST waits forever over dblink


      I have a strange problem.
      As part of Standard Collections, we are launching custom concurrent requests on the Source side (via dblinks) using FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST.
      Then the FND_REQUEST.WAIT_FOR_REQUEST is called, to check for the completion of these requests.

      The requests are spawned successfully and they complete successfully on Source Side, but the FND_REQUEST.WAIT_FOR_REQUEST on the Planning Side, waits forever over dblink, for the program on the Source side to complete. I am not sure why it is not able to see that the program has completed.
      The same program is working fine in another instance, whereas it is not working in one instance. I am at my wits end.
      Any pointers will be realllyyyyyy helpful please.