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    Child killing parent process and how to set up SMF


      A little background on what we are doing first. We are running several applications from a CLI, and not all of them are fully functional. They do on occasion core dump, not a problem. We are running a service that takes a screen scrape of those apps and displays them in a more user friendly Java window. So this process is the parent of all of these applictions when run in the GUI.

      When one of the applications core dumps, the service goes down and restarts, and after four times in a close span, it doesn't come back up because it is "restarting too quickly." We can deal with the core dumps on their own, but having the whole process go down stops other users from running other applications through the GUI.

      My question is how do I set it so when the child process errors out the parent will ignore it and keep on chugging. And if that is not possible, the next solution, although not ideal, would be to change it so the restarter does not decide that after four restarts it will throw the service into maintenance mode.

      Any help or direction would be amazing.

      Thank you,

      I have tried adding the following to the manifest, but it so far does not seem to make a difference.
      <property_group name='startd' type='framework'>

      <propval name='ignore_error' type='astring'

      value='core,signal' />
      <propval name='duration' type='astring'
      value='transient' />


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