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    OEM 12c Migrating Software Library

      The Software library is configured as OMS Chared file system at /orasrc. I want to move it to another location of same type under /orasrc/oracleaw_lib.
      When I run the migrate job it failes for 12 files with errors as follows:

      Exception occurred while migrating file: reason=Source file [orasrc//29/BA8F6EC04DA85C3BE0440003BA2CF590] does not exist. Check whether the source location is accessible.

      I cannot find the siad file BA8F6EC04DA85C3BE0440003BA2CF590 under /orasrc/29. I did re-import of metadata after deleting all the filws inder /orasrc thinking that it will solve this issue. But even after the successful completion of the reimport of metada job, the migration fails at the same steps. I have 12c running on Solaris 5.10 64 bit platform.

      Any idea whatmay be wrong?

      Appreciate your time,