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    Updating Grid With New Sys Password thorugh EMCLI

      I am using Grid 12c and would like to automate updating grid with new password for the sys account of all databases. To do so, I will be using a named credential that is the sys user for the database. I then use this named credential to create a preferred target credential from that named credential. If I do it this way, then when I upadate the password, I only have to do it once (the named credential) and it will be pushed to all the users that use that named credential to access specific functions only a sysdba user could(ie: DBAs only) I hope this is the right approach
      Then I use emcli to update the credentials -
      emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC_SAMPLE ...
      What is the correct syntax for updating the named credentials of a database credential?
      I tried
      emcli modify_named_credential -cred_name=NC_SAMPLE -attreibutes="Host Password: passwd"
      and receive the following error: Error ocurred:Invalid credential column Host Password

      What is the right column name to specify for the database credentials?
      What syntax do I use to accomplish this?