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    Performance problem with Drag&Drop in java 1.7


      during migration of my application to java 1.7 i have seen there is a performance problem in the Drag&Drop.
      A little bit research shows, that there is big time difference between the DragOver accept drop and the calling of drop method.
      Here the times with java 7 on Windows7:
      [Sep 13 17:03:06] INFO - Drag over accept: 17: 03 06
      [Sep 13 17:03:14] INFO - Drop: 17:03 :14

      and here with java6:
      [Sep 13 17:07:53] INFO - Drag over accept: 17:07:53
      [Sep 13 17:07:53] INFO - Drop: 17:07:53

      During the tests runs only my application, so power shortfall can be eliminated.
      Is there a way to prevent the big time difference between the drop accept and tha callback call of the drop, or is this a specific windows7 problem.

      Thank you in advance.


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