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    ORPOStoOSIM-Duplicate transactions posted to SIM staged messages

      Dear All,

      ORPOS 13.3.3, OSIM 13.2.3 - integrated through web services with sales return transaction update flag enabled.

      We are seeing that intermittently, the sale/return transactions from different stores (POS) are getting posted repeatedly to SIM staged_message table.
      This leads to SOH going out of sync with actuals for each store reporting these duplicate transactions to SIM.

      I understand that the transactions to SIM are stored in transaction queue files of the POS server and get picked up by SIM webservice calls and get cleaned up when the webservice successfully posts it to SIM staged_message table, however as we do not know when this duplicated postings starts we are unable to see,
      1. If POS is posting the duplicates on to the queue itself or
      2. If the the webservice is sending the transactions multiple times to SIM while encountering some error while reading the queue file

      I am considering network loss as one of the possibilities that might affect the webservice from atomically 'closing' the message posting to SIM, and continue to look at other possible root causes for this.

      FYI, the POS-CO integration remains unaffected and there is no duplication seen over there.

      Has anyone faced this issue?
      Any known root causes or resolutions?

      Please help with inputs and if you can recommend any other line of investigation on this.