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    EM12cR2 - "Job Purge" repository scheduler job falsely(?) reported down

      EM12cR2 on Linux x86-64 with an repository database. This popped up after my upgrade from yesterday.

      On the Repository page (Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Repository), in the Repository Scheduler Jobs Status section, the "Job Purge" job is shown as down with a red arrow and blanks for both Next Scheduled Run and Last Scheduled Run. All the other jobs look good and are running successfully.

      This also appears as an incident stating "DBMS Job UpDown for Job Purge exceeded the critical threshold (DOWN). Current value: DOWN".

      The framework metric reference manual for this metric (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/em.121/e25162/oracle_emrep.htm#autoId20) indicates that this metric equates to the DBMS_JOB 'broken' status and suggests retrieving the job_id and re-submitting it, but the provided instructions don't find anything useful.
      SQL> sho user                            
      USER is "SYSMAN"
      SQL> select dbms_jobname from mgmt_performance_names where display_name = 'Job Purge';
      SQL> select job from all_jobs where what='MGMT_JOB_ENGINE.apply_purge_policies()';
      no rows selected
      SQL> select count(*) from all_jobs;
      No ORA-12012 messages found in the alert/trace logs.

      Repvfy also reports this as a missing scheduler job:
      2. Missing DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs
      DISPLAY_NAME                             DBMS_JOBNAME
      ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
      Job Purge                                MGMT_JOB_ENGINE.apply_purge_policies()
      The MGMT_JOB_ENGINE package no longer contains apply_purge_policies. It seems to have moved to EM_JOB_PURGE.

      According to dba_scheduler_jobs, EM_JOB_PURGE.APPLY_PURGE_POLICIES is running just fine:
      SQL> select job_action, enabled, state, failure_count, last_start_date, last_run_duration
        2  from dba_scheduler_jobs where job_name = 'EM_JOB_PURGE_POLICIES';
      JOB_ACTION                               ENABL STATE      FAILURE_COUNT
      ---------------------------------------- ----- ---------- -------------
      14-SEP-12 AM US/EASTERN
      +000000000 00:00:09.464552
      It seems to me this is some kind of metadata inconsistency between mgmt_performance_names and the DBMS scheduler, and probably isn't something to be concerned with. Any thoughts?

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