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    Regarding getting the message "Scheduling failed:scheduling failed:MSC: Use

      Hello All,
      I wanted to make sure ATP calculated the schedule ship date based on the shipping calendar defined for the customer. The shipping calendar for the customer has only one working day in a week.
      I have setup the shipping calendar for organization, carrier and then the customer.
      The instance which i work is connected to the planning instance.
      When i try to book the order, the system shows "scheduling failed:MSC: Use Shipping/Receiving Calendar is not in sync".
      Please let me know what are the must steps we need to do make it work.

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          I am not very familiar with calendars but I am going to speculate and ask if you did setup and calendar in the same org and what is defined on the sales order lines or header and if the calendar date range field cover span the dates wide enough to make sure the scheduling date falls with in it.

          For e.g.
          A calendar is setup to range from 1-sep-2012 to 30-sep-2012.
          But when you try to schedule the SO lines based on supply and demand available ATP returns a date of 15-Oct-2012 but the calendar only spans till end of Sept.
          This may be causing the scheduling error.

          If not then I don't know the cause and will have to research it more.

          Curious to know if my theory is correct. Please let me know.

          Thank you.