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    Simbu Selvam
      Hi all,

      When i am choosing the Uniqueness-Across items in the Oraganization window under the tab called Revision,Lot,Serial and LPN i am getting the below error,

      APP-INV-05381:Lot Numbers exist that have been used for different items
      Lot uniqueness will be violated - update not allowed

      So kindly help me to select the Uniqueness-Across items from the Organization definition window.

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          Hi Simbu,

          Just select "None".


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            Simbu Selvam

            I have to work on the lot control concept, So only i have to choose another options which i mentioned not none.

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              The error message is indicating that existing data is violating the UNIQUENESS and it will not enable it.
              Here are the steps that will help troubleshoot

              1. You will have to identify the same LOT# spanning multiple distinct items, maybe write a sql query
              2. Once you find the LOT# remove inventory so only single item is tied to this lot. Misc issue out can help remove the un-needed inventory.
              3. Retry enabling the LOT setup and hopefully you will not get the error message.

              All the best. This is not an easy task, make sure you try it in a test env. first.