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    Assigning multiple disk controllers/hbas in a guest domain


      I've been ruminating about implementing an Oracle RAC cluster in a stretched/campus type architecture on Guest LDOMs running in a T4-based server.

      The storage devices to the ldoms is going to be pass-through luns provisioned from two separate EMC VMAX frames to each of these guest domains.

      I envision two separate VDS services services luns from each of these two storage arrays. So, eg:

      siteA_shared_vds0 --> SiteA Storage Array
      siteB_shared_vds1 --> siteB Storage Array

      On the guest side I wish to be able to discern looking at the controller number, which frame the LUN is provisioned from --

      so if I can get c2d0, c2d1 etc for SiteA and c3d0, c3d1 from SiteB then provided I have presented the luns on the control/io domain appropriately, I will be able to identify a lun by it's controller number (in general). I understand that I could os commands to gather the Serial # and Array Name from the guest OS. However, the ability to take a precursory look at the luns associated with the ldom and being able to discern by controller number would be greatly advantageous.

      I have implemented ldoms in the past where i have had a separate vds service for local storage (local_vds0) and another one for shared storage (shared_vds1). For some reason I cannot remember whether provisioning storage from two separate vds services will actually affect the controller number on the guest domain. If I remember correctly, all the devices (irrespective of which vds they have been presented through) seem to have the c0 as the controller number (so c0d0 might be an ISO image I've presented up to the guest via local_vds0 and c0d1 etc are the actual luns presented through shared_vds1)