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    ADF: Session timeout problem in using JavaScript window.open() method

    Anirban Mukherjee
      Hi All,

      I have a commandImageLink on my page, with partialSubmit = true, clientComponent = true. The link's clientListener calls a JavaScript method set to fire onClick, with a clientAttribute containing the URL from managed bean.
      This works fine - the new window opens correctly. But on performing any activity on the parent window, the session times out immediately.

      The purpose of the ciLink is to open the URL in a new window and I cannot change that functionality.

      I have tried (and failed)-
      1. Putting the ciLink inside <h:form> tag and using target="_blank".
      2. actionListener on ciLink to fire JavaScript.

      I am using JDeveloper, with weblogic 10.3.6, JSF 2.0.