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    Result of dimension.getImplicitLocations()

      Hi ,

      I want to understand the working of getImplicitLocations() on a Dimesnion.

      1. Will it give me any result if I apply this method on a not fully implicit dimension(Dimesnion.isImplicit() is False)? if it gives implicit locations which level Implicit locations it provides, the next level to the current state or all implication(even at leaft level) anywhere in the dimension heirarchy.

      2. Why I am not able to read the record count of implicit location dim value (Dgraph.Bins) - its always giving me null.

      What I want here is i want show all the dim values to the user in a particular level- i.e > refinements, implicts, descriptors but they all should be in a same level at any pint of time

      My heirarchy has 3 levels - something like this.

      Wine>Red>Merlot,Pinot Noir, Cabernet,...etc
      >White>WhiteBlend,chardonany, other whites... etc
      > By Country>US, Spain, Argentina, Canada...etc

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          Michael Peel-Oracle
          It is easier to think of implicit locations by considering the record result set ... If all records in the result set have a particular dimension value, then that dimension value is considered "implicit", and will only be available in the Endeca API if you use the getImplicitLocations() method of the Dimension object. If all the dimension values for a specific dimension exist on all the records, then the whole dimension is considered "implicit", and will only be available in the Endeca API via the getCompleteDimensions() method of the Navigation object.

          For your specific query, if a dimension value is implicit, then logically all child nodes will be implicit. The reverse is not true as a leaf node may be implicit, but have a parent that has other - non-implicit - children.

          I don't think Dgraph.Bins gets returned for implicit dimension values as the bin count would be the same as Navigation.getTotalNumERecs() (as the dimension value is implicit because it is on all records).