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    Why can't I delete this ASM disk ?


      I have a 4 node RAC cluster using ASM ( on RHEL

      I added a new LUN, presented it to the 4 nodes, created a partition on it, marked it as an ASM disk
      and then added the disk to the existing FRA diskgroup - all good.

      After the rebalance, I dropped the old disk out of the disk group, it all rebalanced fine. - again all good.

      So now, I have this LUN that I no longer want to use for ASM, so I wanted to remove it from ASM by doing
      oracleasm deletedisk DISK_FRA but when I do this I get the error

      *# service oracleasm deletedisk DISK_FRA*
      *Removing ASM disk "DISK_FRA":                              [FAILED]*

      Looking at /var/log/oracleasm I can see
      Clearing disk header: oracleasm-write-label: Unable to open device "/dev/oracleasm/disks/DISK_FRA": Device or resource busy
      Unable to clear disk "DISK_FRA"

      What am I doing wrong ? Why is the device still busy ?