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    Oracle Service Bus


      I would like to understand the concept of how to use the OSB.

      1. i have web service which is simple and was deployed to the WL and tested working through EE.
      2. I have installed OSB and create 3 directories and import my webservice.
      3. I tested the OSB instance through the OSB console and it's working.

      The question:
      1. How i am calling or connecting between the different applications to the OSB ?

      2. If the connection to the osb done by calling Webservice with parameters (SOAP over HTTP), if so what is the difference between using OSB and Webservice through WebLogic which exposing the webservices ?

      I need to understand in general how is the connection done to the OSB proxy.

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          Oracle Service Bus is policy driven and enables you to establish loose coupling between service clients and business services, while maintaining a centralized point of security control and monitoring. It stores persistent policy, proxy service, and related resource configurations in metadata, that can be customized and propagated from development through staging to production environments required. The message-brokering engine accesses this configuration information from its metadata cache.

          Oracle Service Bus is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms these messages for compatibility with other service consumers. It receives messages through a transport protocol such as HTTP(S), JMS, File, and FTP, and sends messages through the same or a different transport protocol. Service response messages follow the inverse path. The message processing by Oracle Service Bus is driven by metadata, specified in the message flow definition of a proxy service.

          Have a look on the following doc...

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            Hi Vlad

            Thanks for the info, but i think i am missing the part how to call the proxy service, how to bind from remote application (how to send message) to the proxy or to the start point of the OSB.

            Is there any url wsdl , or something to call the OSB ?

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              There are two ways to get a proxy service's wsdl...

              Go to sb console on Project Explorer and find your Proxy service there... In the column Actions, there's an icon for you to export the wsdl...

              Other way is to go the the configuration details of your Proxy service and get the endpoint uri... The wsdl can be accessed from a browser with a url like...

              Hope this helps...

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                Thanks Vlad

                So just to clarify ,

                I am calling the Web-Service according to it's WSDL (which defines how the webservice looks like and which parameters it expects).

                Any language can create SOAP message and use method POST of http to transfer the SOAP message to the WebService, and then receive the respond from the Webservice with Soap message.

                Hope i didn't mess it up, just wanted to clarify all the basic understandings.

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                  Yep, that's pretty much it...