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    Need customerized formula in pivot table

      Hi all,
      This is my first post on the Oracle Forum, so say hi to everybody.

      I have a user requirement, that is:
      we got users oragnization like this: region, location
      we got users data like sales, profit
      in the table view i can perform a custormerized formula that is: profit/sales*100, so we got gross profit margin.

      The question is based on:

      If i need to do some total calculation such as total location's sales or profit, i need to use a pivot table,
      i can easily draw the sales and profit column as my measures but i could not draw my gross profit margin to my measure,
      because pivot table will do a total sum calculation.

      My question is:

      We all know that it's easy to perform a custormerized formula in MS-Excel pivot table. But i could not find such function in BIEE 10g.
      So, could anyone give me some suggestions?

      Many thanks to your help!

      PS, the user_guide doc did not have a example as my need. Need experts help!

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