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    Sun Fire X4200 m2 Server LSI MPT BIOS failed to start

      This is the following error during booting up:

      LSI Corporation MPT SAS BIOS
      MPTBIOS- (2008.10.14)
      Copyright 2000-2008 LSI Corporation.

      SAS Address NOT programmed on controller in slot(0)
      ERROR! Adapter Malfunctioning

      MPT BIOS Fault 13h encountered at adapter PCI (02h, 03h, 00h)

      This happen after i updated my LSI MPT SAS BIOS firmware (Flash).

      Here a related problem that solution is to find the SAS address. But i could not find it anywhere in my server. Please advice how to find the SAS address?

      and one more thing. how to i boot up the server without hard disk, to enter into DOS prompt?