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    apex image folder


      We have 2 development teams, both develop in apex 2.2. One team is willing to upgrade apex to 4.1.1 version, and the other wish to stay in the 2.2. both of the teams use the same fusion middleware infrastructure.

      Is it possible to saperate the image folder between the two teams? that the apex will work on the same server for both of the teams?
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          Kenny Hanberg
          On my old oracleAS 10G it was possible, but remember you cannot have two active apex installations on the same database instance.

          It is all about the alias /i/ in the httpd.conf or the dad.conf

          You have an alias already for /i/ right?.
          Create a second alias /i411/ and simply follow the apex 4.1.1 installation guide on how to change the /i/ definition in apex 4.1.1

          Use the virtual host definition in the conf files to specify the two different /i/ locations, and no apex modifications.