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    FAILED: file cskbctxp.sql &un_apps &un_cs CTXSYS u6678700.drv to 12.1.1

      Hi Guys:

      I am in the process of Migrating and upgrading EBS 11i to EBS 12.1.3 on a x86-64 bit ULN server using Notes 1377213.1 (E-Business Suite Upgrades and Platform Migration), Export/import notes on Applications 11i Database 11g [Article ID 557738.1]

      I have done 3.9. Apply AD 12.1.1 upgrade driver (required) (patch 7461070) of Doc E16342-03. I am now executing "3:10. Run the American English upgrade patch driver (u6678700.drv) and after it's been running for over 24 hours, I have encountered
      FAILED: file cskbctxp.sql on worker 1

      adwork001.log shows:
      sqlplus -s APPS/***** @/u02/applfind/apps/apps_st/appl/cs/12.0.0/patch/115/sql/cskbctxp.sql &un_apps &un_cs CTXSYS
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-04042: procedure, function, package, or package body does not exist
      ORA-06512: at "SYSTEM.AD_DDL", line 165
      ORA-06512: at line 45
      Time when worker failed: Tue Sep 18 2012 08:48:41

      I have looked at:
      cskbctxp.sql fails with error DRG-10703: invalid framework object korean_lexer [ID 443894.1]
      cssrctxp.sql fails with DRG-10703: Invalid Framework Object Korean_lexer [ID 402422.1]
      but these don't seem to apply to my case. Any suggestions?