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      ( wanted to changed the category so i asked the question again.)

      while migrating from sqlserver 2005 to oracle 11g r2 xe it is creating extra cols like

      SQLDEVELOPER_CLOB_7 for each blob column which is getting created for image col in sqlserver .

      what are they?
      can i delete it, as i do not need them.

      yours sincerely

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          As confirmed by SQLDeveloper development team, Here is some information on this:

          When migrating SQL Server/Sybase IMAGES to Oracle in 'offline' mode, we cant upload the data using SQL Loader directly into the BLOB column because:

          1. IMAGEs in SQL Server/Sybase dumped out in HEX.
          2. Oracle s HEXTORAW function can only take 4000 chars
          3. So data gets uploaded in chunks against the CLOB
          4. Then a procedure is run with HEXTORAW to convert it to BLOB
          5. After the data load is over, this additional CLOB column can be dropped from the table as Oracle allows you to drop a column.

          All this happens in automated fashion for offline data load process. For On-line data move, this is not required.

          Hope this helps

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            You can read a blog entry on this topic here: http://dermotoneill.blogspot.com/2012/01/sybase-and-sql-server-image-data-move.html