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    Agent Software Update got stuck with Scheduled status

    Valentin Leonard Tabacaru -Oracle
      Enterprise Manager 12c -
      I downloaded a new agent, and tried to apply it. Then I got an error, and canceled the apply job. The problem is the apply got stuck with status "Scheduled":

      Apply scheduled | Oracle | Agent Software ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) | Microsoft Windows (32-bit) |

      The Download and Apply buttons in Agent Software Updates are disabled.
      In Past Activities I have:

      Apply     Scheduled     Microsoft Windows (32-bit)     VALENTIN          
      Download     Succeeded     Microsoft Windows (32-bit)     VALENTIN     Sep 3, 2012 10:10:02 AM CEST     627.68
      Available     Succeeded     Microsoft Windows (32-bit)     VALENTIN     Sep 3, 2012 10:06:20 AM CEST     0.17

      If I click the Scheduled status, I get: "+Error The job no longer exists or is not accessible+."
      I restarted the OMS, and the problem is still there.
      Any ideas? Thank you