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    mergetable with subquery

      Hi All,

      I'm a bit stuck using the mergetable call with a subquery.

      I manually track user modifications in a non versioned table ; when I try to merge user modifications into 'live', i get the following error:

      ORA-20077: insufficient privileges on the versioned table 'SYSTEM.CLASS'
      ORA-06512: à "WMSYS.LT", ligne 7191
      ORA-06512: à ligne 2

      the merge call is the following:
      DBMS_WM.MergeTable('WORK', 'class', WHERE=>'id IN(select id from modifications)');

      As seen, I'm connected as system user to test DBMS_WM package
      The 'class' table is versioned.
      The 'modifications' table is not versioned
      id is the primary key for the 'class' table but not for the 'modifications' table.

      When I change the where clause with some id=xx, the merge is successfull.

      Which privilege can be expected as I'm connected as system ?

      I'm using Oracle 11g R2.

      Thanks for any help,