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    Run applet offline


      I have the following problem, I have to run an applet offline, I wanted to know if there are ways to put my applet offline and download the file locally and not on the virtual file systemof the JVM. I use a deployment with the protocol jnlp. And even if I create a 'icon on the desktop to start my applet later (even after restarting the computer).I use applet for communication with JavaScript web page.

      Thank you for your attention

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          I use applet for communication with JavaScript web page.
          So how can you possibly run it offline?
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            Thanks for your reply,

            In fact, I use JavaScript, I need to be online, I had not thought of that. Even if I do not use JavaScript (example I use JApplet), can not I go offline?
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              Not if you want to communicate with your Web page. If you don't want to communicate, you can be offline. This is just a tautology, no analysis required.
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                Ideally, the applet is designed to be performed in an environment like the browser. And if I tried to perform a dynamic deployment in a web server installed locally, as for example Glassfish, with another applet that performs deployment. Is this an acceptable solution? Or not?
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                  I don't know what the actual question is here. You can run an applet offline provided it doesn't try to communicate with the host it was loaded from, because there isn't one. I've basically already said that. If you have another question I suggest you ask it.
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                    My current problem is to save the web page where the applet is loaded.When I save the applet with the browser, not downloaded the jar files that are used to load the applet. Now, is there a way to retrieve the cached jar files? Or, recover by specifying a tag in the jnlp file? or other options?
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                      Applets resources (jars and jnlp files) are usually saved in user cache. You can view them using the Java Control Panel > General > Temporary Internet Files > View....
                      I think you should be able to launch the applet using the downloaded containing webpage. If you JNLP applet allow off-line then maybe you could launch it completely disconnected. For debugging tip see http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/tsg/TSG-Desktop/html/plugin.html
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                        Yes, it is true that the files are saved in the cache, but the Java Virtual Machine manages a virtual file system, so you can not see the jar files in the cache and therefore there is no possibility to launch the applet offline or better the web page with the applet inside. How do I resolve this problem?