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    zpool disaster recovery

      I have two solaris 10 machines, each one with a zpool DATA.
      Now, I should to do a DR of the zpool DATA from the first machine to the
      second machine.
      If I lose the first zpool, I must have all data saved in the second zpool.
      Can I use the snapshot for this purpose?
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          The short answer is yes. You can create a snapshot on the source data pool, use "zfs send" to create a stream of the snapshot" and pipe it over using (for example) ssh to the destination machine which can store it using "zfs receive". It is also possible to do incremental transfers. I'd recommend that you check out the documentation (zfs manual page, reference manuals, blogs, etc.) for additional information. I'm not in a position to give you exact references now but perhaps someone else will.
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            ok thanks,
            but I know that the zfs snapshot is copy on write where you must have the source data for restore the snapshot... and in the second pool I have only the snapshot. Is it wrong?
            of course, I'm writing this thread under 'Solaris Zone' because in DATA there is a zone....

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              zpool sharing menas ,ur exporting and importing the pools ?
              and where ur taking the snap shot?
              while it zfs has snpshot it will not allow you destroy in normal way ,u have to force option to destroy the pool.
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                I'm a little confused by your statement. When you create a snapshot, you're effectively saving the state of the filesystem at a particular point in time. When you do a zfs send to send the data to the other machine, it sends the filesystem data as it existed at the time of the snapshot (even if the source filesystem has changed since then). So you do transfer the actual data to the other machine so that the filesystem can be recreated there.
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                  yes if you use the zfs send command to save the snapshot and moving it to other system and then using zfs receive to restore.
                  the zfs dataset will be created.

                  in this case you have to create the snapshots for all the datasets in the respected pool.
                  then only we can get the complete pool.

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