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    SINGLETON service over POLICY MANAGED database.

      Hello folks.

      I've been struggling with a simple SINGLETON SERVICE creation for an existing Policy Managed database on a cluster with two nodes with no success so far.

      Environment definition:
      - Two nodes cluster
      - More than one database (not important I think) all of them configured with the same SERVER POOL
      - Each database has two instances, each one running form one of the nodes
      - One server pool only

      - One of the databases (DB) with its two instances needs a SINGLETON service running in one of the servers (server A).
      - If the instance for that database running on A goes down, I need the service to failover to the server B.

      - Failover is not working

      Official notes I've checked and tested unsuccessfully (among many blogs and forums):
      11gR2(11.2) RAC TAF Configuration for Admin and Policy Managed Databases ID 1312749.1
      11gR2 Database Services for "Policy" and "Administrator" Managed Databases ID 1481647.1

      Details for all the different components:

      Database configuration
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl config database -d DB
      Database unique name: DB
      Database name: DB
      Oracle home: /u01/oracle/product/
      Oracle user: oracle
      Spfile: +DATA/DB/spfileDB.ora
      Start options: open
      Stop options: immediate
      Database role: PRIMARY
      Management policy: AUTOMATIC
      Server pools: dev
      Database instances: 
      Disk Groups: DATA,FLASH
      Mount point paths: 
      Services: DB_srv
      Type: RAC
      Database is policy managed
      Database status
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl status database -d DB
      Instance DB_2 is running on node B
      Instance DB_1 is running on node A
      Server Pool configuration
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl config srvpool -g dev
      Server pool name: dev
      Importance: 0, Min: 0, Max: 2
      Candidate server names: A,B
      Service Configuration
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl config service -d DB
      Service name: DB_srv
      Service is enabled
      Server pool: dev
      Cardinality: SINGLETON
      Disconnect: false
      Service role: PRIMARY
      Management policy: AUTOMATIC
      DTP transaction: false
      AQ HA notifications: false
      Failover type: SELECT
      Failover method: BASIC
      TAF failover retries: 10
      TAF failover delay: 2
      Connection Load Balancing Goal: LONG
      Runtime Load Balancing Goal: NONE
      TAF policy specification: NONE
      Service is enabled on nodes: 
      Service is disabled on nodes:
      Service status BEFORE one of the instances is down
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl status service -d DB
      Service DB_srv is running on nodes: A
      Service status AFTER instance on A is shut down
      B@/u01/oracle> srvctl status service -d DB
      Service DB_srv is not running.
      Tnsnames entry
      DB_srv =
        (DESCRIPTION =
          (ADDRESS =
           (PROTOCOL = TCP)
           (HOST = cluster.dev.sabre.com)
           (PORT = 1521)
           (CONNECT_DATA =
            (SERVICE_NAME = DB_srv)
      Let me know if you need any other details.
      Any help will be greately appreciated.

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