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    Workflow Approval Hierarchy Help

      Dear All,
      I'm new to Workflow Development. Please guide me to create following Requirement.

      Two level approvals & application user notification.
      eg -User 1 will create a Move order transaction. After he creates it should be notified to user2 for approvals, also user1 can be able to select the apps user from a list.

      Then it wants to be populating in user2's front page notification area. In that notification he should be able to Approve, Reject or Reassign to a higher person than him (user3).
      Then the user3 can be able to approve or Reject.
      In all the situation notifications have to be send in reverse order, means user2 decision will be send to user1 & user3's decision will be send touser2 and user1.

      Please guide me on this.