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    Notification With multiple Attachments

    Pradeep Navin Kumar
      Hi all,

      I have to create a notification which contains multiple attachments. how can we achieve this. There is a custom page which triggers a workflow when the page is submitted. The user can add attachments in that page. We have to show that attachment to the approver in the notification. For a single attachment we are able to get the attachment in notification.
      Suppose the user attaches more than one document how to add it to the the notification?


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          Hi Pradeep,

          In a workflow process, you can attach documents generated by a PL/SQL procedure, which we call PL/SQL, PL/SQL CLOB, or PL/SQL BLOB documents. You attach a document to a workflow process by referencing the document in a predefined item attribute or message attribute of type Document. For PL/SQL, PL/SQL CLOB, or PL/SQL BLOB documents, the item or message
          attribute's value would be the name of the PL/SQL package and procedure used to generate the document. For more information on this, you may check Workflow Developer's Guide.

          You may define multiple attachments in a notification.