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    Build failed while Installing AIA FP Demo Application

      Hi ,

      I was trying to run the AIA Foundation Pack Demo Application as per the steps mentioned in oracle site,I am getting this error while Installing and Deploying AIA Demo Application(deployment script ant –f deployDemo.xml in command window).

      D:\Devrep\Oracle\AIAHome\samples\AIADemo\config>ant -f deployDemo.xml
      Buildfile: deployDemo.xml

      [echo] /------------------------------------------------------------\
      [echo] ! !
      [echo] ! Setting the environment to install !
      [echo] ! AIA Demo !

      [echo] ! !
      [echo] ! Verify D:\Devrep\Oracle\AIAHome\aia_instances\AIA/logs/AIAdemoI
      nstall.log !
      [echo] \------------------------------------------------------------/
      [echo] /----------------------------------------------------------\
      [echo] ! !
      [echo] ! Installing AIA Demo !

      [echo] ! !
      [echo] \----------------------------------------------------------/


      D:\Devrep\Oracle\AIAHome\samples\AIADemo\config\deployDemo.xml:91: The following
      error occurred while executing this line:
      D:\Devrep\Oracle\AIAHome\samples\AIADemo\config\deployDemo.xml:123: The followin
      g error occurred while executing this line:
      D:\Devrep\Oracle\AIAHome\Infrastructure\Install\AID\AIAInstallDriver.xml:35: web
      logic.security.internal.encryption.EncryptionServiceException: weblogic.security
      .internal.encryption.EncryptionServiceException: weblogic.security.internal.encr
      yption.EncryptionServiceException: [Security:090219]Error decrypting Secret Key
      java.lang.SecurityException: The provider self-integrity check failed.

      Please help me out how to resolve this issue.
      Thanks in Advance.