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    shh issue

      I could use some help with my ssh keys and agent.
      This is the issue. I have 2 different UNIX systems at work. One is the normal Solaris servers with my uid being the same throughout all the servers. I now have a different system for my desktop. A contractor came in and installed some SUN Ray thin clients. My user name is the same on the system but my uid is different. When I ssh from the thin client to a server I use a password. When I then go from the 1st server to the 2nd I am asked for my ssh key.

      How can I make my SSH key password less, with agent working setup, work again.

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          Steve H -Oracle
          check this section in the Solaris Documentation:

          System Administration Guide: Security Services
          How to Set Up Host-Based Authentication for Solaris Secure Shell
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            The fact that the user id is different isn't really an issue with ssh keys. If you put your ssh key in your .ssh directory on your Sun Ray account and set up the ssh agent on the Sun Ray in the same way as the servers, it should work unless the system administrator has blocked this for some reason (he can configure ssh to not use ssh keys and require a password). If you don't understand how to do this, you can look at the documentation another responder has given
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              Are you using the same NFS-shared home directory between the two accounts? If so, because you have different UIDs, on the systems where your UID doesn't match the UID for your home directory, you won't be able to do a passwordless login because you don't really own the directory.

              Along those same lines, check the permissions of your .ssh directory. They should be 700. If you do share the same home directory between accounts, someone could have tried to "fix" things by modifying permissions and/or ownership in your home directory.
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                I have 2 accounts with there own home directories. Most of the servers, have there home directories as a NFS mount. The server I'm starting on doesn't have the home directory NFS mounted.

                The issue I'm having is that the UID is different on the account on server1 then it is on server2.
                To get around this I just created a user with the same ID as on both servers. This worked. I'm just wondering if I can get around the UID issue.
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                  Have you considered using host based authentication instead?

                  How to Set Up Host-Based Authentication for Secure Shell
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                    I have root on both servers. If the UID is the same my ssh keys work fine but if I use a different UIDs it is not working. The thin Ray client server has Solaris 10 TX on it.