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    Cost Items

      Question on how cost items are looked up in DWB Agile 5.2.2. If a spec has mulitple equivalents with the same system name, which equivalent is used in the lookup in the cost items table? Or, are all equivalents used in the lookup even if there are multiple equivalent entries with the same system name?

      Usage scenario: I have a spec with multiple equivalents under the same system name. One or all equivalents may have an entry in the costitems table in the same cost type but for different facilities (cost set). Will PLM4P look up all the equivalents with same system name and resolve the one that is linked to the facility I am trying to cost?
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          Ron M-Oracle
          Yes, it should be using the facility/cost set to pull the correct cost.
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            thx - will this work even if there are mulitple spec equivalents with the same system name, since system name is also required to resolve the right cost entry? My concern is that the system is only looking at one equivalent entry of the system name and not all of them.

            In a recent example, I have two equivalents with the same system name - one is 02192100 and the other Q02192100. The equivalents are used at different factories. Only the first equivalent 02192100 appears to be pulled into the lookup for DWB. The costitems table contains Q02192100 for a specific factory and cost set but when those parameters are properly chosen, no cost is resolved. It appears the application is not utilizing the second equivalent in the list with the same system name...
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              Ron M-Oracle
              If you have unique combinations for the cost set (factory), then this should work. Could you include the database rows for this data?
              We can take a look and determine if this is a bug or not.

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                I sent an email to Steve Segal to pass on to you as screenshots and other data were needed. Thx
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                  Would you please open an SR for this. Thanks.