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    BI Publisher with OIM 11gR2


      I have installed OIM 11gR2 and BI publisher(with patch 14088000). For configuring OIM Historical and Operational Reports, I have copied the extracted contents of reports zip file under Oracle_IDM1\server\reports to <MW_HOME>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/config/bipublisher/repository/Reports/OIM.

      Then I restarted OIM and BI, but could not see OIM reports in BI Publisher page.

      Pls help
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          Nishith Nayan
          can you try the steps given in link

          Oracle release note says:
          To run the Oracle Identity Manager Reports on BI Publisher 11g (, the following patch must be applied on top of BI Publisher

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            Hi Nitish,

            I have followed the steps mentioned in the blog and also I have applied patch to BI. But still I couldn't see OIM reports in BI console.

            Pls Help
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              Try the following:

              1) Log into BI Publisher. Then go to Administration > Manage BI Publisher and click on Server Configuration under System Maintenance in the upper right.

              2) Scroll down to the Catalog section and verify the path to the repository folder is correct in the 'BI Publisher repository' field. Then click the Upload to BI Presentation Catalog button to upload the OIM reports to BI Publisher.

              3) Restart both the BI Publisher managed server and admin server for the changes to take affect. Then log back in and click on Catalog, then expand the Shared Folders tree in the left pane to verify that the OIM reports are present.