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    Please fix your web plugin immediately, yes this message in the right forum


      On my mac, java takes about 5-10 seconds to load in a web page applet from either safari or chrome.
      This is 4.9 to 9.9 seconds too long.
      PC is a bit faster but not much.


      Sun absolutely wrecked java with respect to the web-client.
      Please fix this.

      Why: Because I want to write web-apps which don't suck. Which means I can't use javascript. Because despite the gajillions of money poured into marketing, it is really very, very slow.

      How to fix:

      It is very easy.

      1. Use PhoneME with JIT. (get startup time to near zero). You might say, "well, we're about to get java to have zero startup time." But this is what you have been saying for ever, and failing at, miserably! Stop trying, give us a JavaME plugin instead.

      2. Do NOT distribute monolithic massive class libraries. Instead, give me the opportunity to create class loaders. (I know you think you already do, but please look up the 10 year old bugs regarding the web plugin and class loaders). Make the distributable as SMALL as possible.

      3. Are you writing the pluginin "in-between" code in webkit? If you are, fire who ever is writing it. If you aren't, WTF, the connection between the browser and java is slow as a slug. If I was just a bit more of a cynic I would think google is putting in usleep(1000) between calls. Take this code over NOW.


      Look, you STILL have a tremendous opportunity in the web-client-space.

      You need to show that Java is BETTER than javascript. Which it could be.
      But currently it sucks.

      It uses too much memory, it has a slow startup time, the connection between javascript and java is slow.


      I should be able to write <script type="jar.pack.gz/java" src="blahblah.jar.pack.gz"></script> and multiply my performance by a thousand. Please do it.

      I should be able to use a java2javascript library to simplify modifying the dom.

      I shouldn't have to write javascript, except for inline code.



      Javascript sucks, we all know it is rising because of a vacuum of any real performance.
      Please fill this void, or someone else will.