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    Siebel Language(enu) for Siebel is missing. Dwnlded from edelivery

      Downloaded the software from edelivery.oracle.com. The final goal is to install Started with base version and will subsequently patch with

      Installation of (Part#B52573-12)

      FYI, Installing all on Windows 2008 (as a 32 bit)
      - Downloaded 13 G files of Siebel Business Applications Release Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
      - Unzipped to a folder
      - Created a windows Image
      - Ran windows Image and created Siebel Enterprise Configuration, Siebel Server Configuration & Database Server Configuration
      - While installing, it asked for language, However the pick list or drop down didnot have any values. I just typed in enu and it completed installation for Siebel Enterprise, Siebel Server & Database configuration
      - But while configuring siebel database, it created tables and then while creating seed data, it looked at ENU folder for seed.inp and I am stuck there.

      I am ready to do it all over. How do I get the language pack. I tried bookshelf and everywhere, but didnot find details and need help. The goal is to install

      Thanks in advance for your help