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    No respone from Application Web Server

      Dear all,

      I am getting the message above when I try to access the tablespace allocation in the Oracle Enterprise Manager (Grid Control). Other tabs, like e.g. "Performance" work fine. What can I do ?

      - The server where the the Oracle management Server runs had a log file (/oracle/oms10g/Apache/Apache/logs/access_log) that was 2G big, nobody could connect to the OEM console.
      - Deleted the file and restarted the Oracle Management Server (opmnctl startall), now you can connect again
      - you can now access the database too, but only certain tabs. When you go to "Administration" and "Tablespaces", the browser is taking a long time and comes with the error above
      - On the server where the database is running (from which I want to know the tablespace allocation) I restarted the agent (emctl stop agent/emctl start agent), but the error remains.
      - Oracle version:

      Any ideas ?