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    upgrading CPU board on sunfire V490

      Hi All,

      im trying to upgrade a sunfire v490 by installing a second CPU board.
      I have the 1st board fully populated of 2 GB RAM in 16 slots (total: 32 GB) and the 2nd one containing 1GB RAM in 8 slots (total: 8GB)
      However, im getting POST errors when i startup the server with both boards. I tried to swap boards among slots => same results.
      Whenever i try to boot with each CPU board alone => no problems were found.
      Kindly assist please if any helpful suggestion.

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          The V490 is a newer iteration of the original V480.
          The V490 first appeared in September 2004 and shipped with UltraSPARC-IV modules.
          The older V480 began shipping in August 2002 when the latest processors were UltraSPARC-III+ modules.

          While mixing of cpu speeds is supported for CPU Board A versus CPU Board B, you cannot mix US-III+ with US-IV in the same chassis. It needs to be either all SPARC3's or all SPARC4's in either model system.

          With both computer models, there were also mandatory minimums for OBP versions when mixing of cpu speeds even if the same US-III versus US-IV guidelines were being followed.

          Here's the link to the V490 documentation,
          in case you need to review anything.
          Additionally, if you have MOS access to the System Handbook, you can review a multitude of footnotes on the various hardware components you're attempting to install.
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            If all of the below requirements are met, then can you provide the POST output, so we can have a look?


            - The minimum V490 and V890 OS is Solaris 8 2/04, Solaris 9 4/04, or Solaris 10 3/05.
            - Sun Fire V490 and V890 OBP >=4.15 Version 6 is required.
            - Mixing UltraSPARC III and UltraSPARC IV CPU/Memory boards is not supported.
            - The 1350MHz UltraSPARC IV is not supported in the Sun Fire V480 or V880.
            - Refer to Configuration Guide 819-1813 for supported mixed speed configurations.

            Memory Notes

            - Four DIMMs of the same size form a group.
            - The minimum memory configuration is sixteen DIMMS.
            - Memory errors include CPU number, J number, and Slot location.
            - DIMM groups associated with a failed CPU are unavailable for use.
            - Interleaving is limited to memory on the same CPU/Memory Board.
            - Two-way interleaving occurs in any group when the DIMM size does not match the size used in any other group.
            - Four-way interleaving occurs between any two groups when the DIMM sizes are the same.
            - Eight-way interleaving occurs when the DIMMs in all four groups are the same size.