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    LOMlite Console SF v120

      Hi All!

      I just got a sunfire v120 and when i try to login using LOM port i get the LOMlite console, i don't know the user/password. I can log in though solaris because i don't know root's password, is there a way to clean LOMlite console?, i don't care about the info in the server.
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          There is a variable called "serial_security" in the LOM configuration file, which is -> /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/lom.conf
          It will allow you to disable the lom's login procedure.

          $ cat /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/lom.conf

          # serial_security - if set to FALSE then the LOMlite serial device will have
          # all the user security disabled even is users are configured. This can be used
          # to reset the users of a LOMlite where the password(s) have been forgotten.

          Setting this value to 0 and rebooting should give you full access to the lom command line interface.

          Hope this helps, let me know :)
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            Thanks for your reply,

            I can't log in to te OS, i don't have root access.

            Can i remove hard drives and the password will go away?
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              I mean, can I remove hard driver and in another machine delete parition, so install the hard drive in blank and start an installtion from scrath.