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    Batch - .Net driver config example and performance thoughts?

    Paul Fowler
      Does anyone have an example connecting to Oracle for the .net batch processor?

      What would the config <options> look like for .Net?

      I want to try that out, as the java/jdbc is very sloooooowwwww....

      Here is what the jdbc connection looks like:
      <output type="db" />

      I have a simple table with 1,000,000 records in it that maps to "global". I can process those same records in a few minutes as a CSV file on my local PC. It takes hours on the database before it completes.

      Maybe the problem is not having enough documentation on the --blocksize <number> parameter and so it is committing after every row?  Maybe I should write back to the same table I read from?

      In any case, I need to try other things like the .Net drivers.

      It would be 10x faster to download the data into a CSV file, process the CSV file, and then upload the results back into the database.

      Thoughts? Thank you (ps. I may not get back to this until Monday.)