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    default edm mapping wrong on odac

      I executed the following snipped of code.:

      var command = new OracleCommand();
      command.Connection = connection;
      command.CommandText = "select * from \"Customer\"";
      command.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
      var reader = command.ExecuteReader();

      One of the Customer columns is a number(10). I read in odp .net developer guide that number(10) should map to Int32 by default and that is not what i get. Number(10) is mapping to Int64 and number(19) to decimal (should map to int64 by default according to the developer guide). I tried to use custom edm mappings, but it is also not working. Here is my custom mappings:

      <add name="bool" value="edmmapping number(1,0)" />
      <add name="byte" value="edmmapping number(3,0)" />
      <add name="int16" value="edmmapping number(4,0)" />
      <add name="int32" value="edmmapping number(10,0)" />
      <add name="int64" value="edmmapping number(19,0)" />