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    Worksheet Run Statement/Run Script No Longer Remembering Last Connection

      When one tries to execute a SQL statement in a connection-less worksheet (like right after opening a SQL File), SQL Developer, will prompt you to chose a connection form a dropdown. In previous versions (works in, this dropdown would be defaulted to the last connection used. This appears to be broken in version, where it's now always defaulting to the first item in the list.

      This may be a small thing, but it's an annoyance when one has to run a bunch of SQL from a dozen or so separate files to have to pick the connection every time.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Start with two unconnected worksheet tabs. Opening two SQL files is an easy way to do this.
      2. Hit Run Script in the first worksheet. Choose your desired connection from the prompt and run the SQL.
      3. Hit Run Script in the second worksheet. The prompt ought to default to the connection you picked in step 2, but it doesn't.