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    Oracle ASM to GI upgrade question

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm testing an upgrade that I have to do later today, but I can't find the exact procedure for what I need to do. Here is the config of the system that needs to be upgrade:

      -Single instance RDBMS and ASM
      -single Oracle home owned by "oracle" user

      I'm upgrading to Right now the ASM software owner is oracle, but that needs to be changed to grid. I've created the grid user and I run the installer as that user. When I run the grid OUI, it comes up with a consistency error saying that the user I'm running the OUI as is not the same as the ASM home owner. That makes sense, but I don't think running the OUI as the oracle user will work either because I want the grid home to be owned by the grid user.

      I'm thinking the following high level steps are necessary:

      1)Perform a software only install of GI as the grid user
      2)run asmca to upgrade the ASM instance

      If anyone has done this before an has any pointers and documentation links I would appreciate it.