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    Interconnects on LDOMs with SC3.3

      Hello @all,

      a question how to set up interconnects with LDOMs and SC3.3:

      We have two T4-1 and want to set up 2 LDOMs on each ( ldom1 and ldom2 ).
      Each LDOM should become a cluster

      Cluster1: ldom1 on 1st T4-1 and ldom1 on 2nd T4-1
      Cluster2: ldom2 on 1st T4-1 and ldom2 on 2nd T4-1

      But we habe only 2 network ports for the interconnects on ech T4-1 and each cluster should work with two interconnects.
      So in the end the two clusters have to share these two network ports for their two interconnects.

      Can anyone advise me how to setup these two network ports so that each cluster is able to work with two interconnects?

      Cluster software should be installed in the LDOMs and not in the control domains!

      Like here:


      Figure 2-11 SPARC: Clusters Span Two Different Hosts



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          The answer should be in the docs somewhere. Actually, you configure the two network links in the control domain and present them as vnets to the guests.
          You then configure the first cluster to use these two links for the private interconnect. You should accept the default network address, but not the default netmask. Instead you should use the builtin functionality to limit the address space used by one cluster: limit the number of nodes, of interconnects and of zoneclusters. scinstall will then tell you how much of an address space starting with the default address is used by this cluster.

          You then install the second cluster and do not accept the default interconnect address, but add up the network space used by the first cluster. Then you'll be fine.

          To explain it by example. For the first cluster you chose with netmask for the interconnect. For the second you chose with the same netmaks. It is now guaranteed that the interconnect traffic does not interfere.

          Hope that helps
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            Danke schön!

            I'll give it a try!