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    what's the intention of selector property in workflow

    Edmund Tao-Oracle
      Hi All,
      I find there is a procedure:PO_REQAPPROVAL_LAUNCH.POREQ_SELECTOR in selector property of POREQCHA.
      What's this selector used to ? when will this funtion be invoked?
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          A selector function is a PL/SQL procedure that automatically identifies the specific process definition to execute when a workflow is initiated for a
          particular item type but no process name is provided. Oracle Workflow also supports using a callback function to reset or test item type context information. You can define one PL/SQL procedure that includes both selector and callback functionality by following a standard API.
          Oracle Workflow can call the selector/callback function with the following commands:

          RUN - to select the appropriate process to start when a process is not mentioned.

          SET_CTX - to establish any context information for an item type and item key
          combination that a function activity in the item type needs in order to execute.

          TEST_CTX - to determine if the current item type context information is correct
          before executing a function, such as during background processing.

          Please check the Workflow Dev Guide for more information on the Standard API for a Selector Function.