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    DMU 1.1: Sys Trigger$.Action and  Error$.Text issues


      I'm running DMU on
      Current Database Character Set: WE8MSWIN1252
      Target Database Character Set: AL32UTF8

      The scan report gives me the following errors:
      1. Error$.TEXT - "Need conversion" to 7
      The 7 records are linked to error messages containing accent (french messages).

      2. Trigger$.Action - "Need conversion" to 1
      I came to the conclusion that this error is because of the number of characters in the trigger (more than 6000 !).

      When I try to convert, DMU refuses to do so (of course) with a "Some data dictionary tables ....Conversion of this data is not supported".

      Regarding the trigger I can imagine (if the root cause I guessed is the good one), the dev needs to rewrite it (?).
      Regarding the error message...

      Your advice is more than appreciated.